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lazy safety

by Brianna Cunliffe


languish in a contentment that pries vigilance from my bones—
amethyst afternoon, wayside nectar on the road’s soft shoulder
dance a full hay, gulp down bygones
let every relic rust, every gear clatter into
alignment with the grit
and pothole by which I am bound upward

lilypad snarl, wrestling with the lawn
unraveling abstraction with the scythe of the moon
stitch by stitch.

tenderness riots up within me
in that little laboratory of morning wonder, in that
raised bed full of radiant weeds I
correct myself when I begin to lie

water heater croons on in rhythm with orgasm
suds clean knees made mosaic
in august moss pews,
breathless at existence’s lace
a pleasure torn
out of my hands

Brianna Cunliffe is an environmental justice activist and storyteller. As a queer woman who grew up on a disintegrating Carolina coastline, her work is animated by fierce love of the fragile places we call home. She’s a Best of the Net nominated poet with work published in Revolute, Reckoning Magazine, Lucent Dreaming, Storm Cellar, Claw and Blossom, Blind Corner, and more, and you can find her on Twitter @BriannaCunliffe.


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