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The Apple

by Alyssa Alvarez


Void slightest hint of regret/

A passionate red/
Plump with content/
All it would take/
Is the slightest taste/
On the tongue./

toward the sweet desire/
Lingering in her nostrils/
Taste buds on fire./
A mere bite/
Thinner than wire/
Ensures that the threat was made by a liar,/

She knew she shouldn't have/
pero mmmmh/
A taste so nice/
But is the fulfillment of lust/
worth the long term price?/
A thirst so strong/
Turns every ounce of her warm/
One measly bite/
Isn't enough to cause a storm,/
Is it?/
Faint contact brushing up against the lips/
her self discipline she now strips/
Excitement burrowing centered in the hips/
Warned that she shouldn't/
But never sure why/
Is this lust or true beauty she holds in her eye?/

For her outcome to have ended up here,/
The most fulfilling of tastes, and then lost,/
now she knew why this was a road she was told not to cross./
But burrowed in her heart she knew/
If faced with the snake once again/
She would not slash him/
Against popular opinion/
She'd let his beauty in/
Once again/
Without regret


Alyssa Cam Alvarez is a creative of many hats, preferring writer as the main hat for as long as she can resonate. She is co-owner of the jewelry company Romy in the Desert, which is based in the Coachella Valley, CA, where Alyssa is from. She obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from AMDA: College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts in Los Angeles, California. She is enthusiastic about the spread of art, appreciation, and willingness for perception shift; and is grateful for the opportunity to share her work in the Rising Action Review Journal!


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