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Ohio River Valley Writhing ‘86-‘97

by Joseph Goosey


Nude in the aftermath today
while the mini horse of my regret
stood taller than her pallor. 
is such a ruinous drug -
scoring me nothing
but three dog nights
in Letcher County jail.
Would ya look at this degen -
Edging their fine self
to the honey sounds of impeachment!
Today I grew so dour 
                                after having been warned
                                ad nauseam of the famed 
  to the point of gagging 
                                                 & lemme tell y'all 
                           that ain't an easy peak to reach 
(8.6 non-existent inches 
is what it takes - on the record -  
so call me maybe).
Did I desire this ward
                                and is the aid targeted to the needy? 
But here we swim 
                                            in the cancerous muck of each.
  I chugged 
                    not from the fountain of youth
                                              but of DuPont 
                          then shrieked at my parents 
                                   in the ill-green halls 
                              of Riverpoint Behavioral:

The constant terror 
in the secondary current 
                      brews anew today!

The aglet keeping
this moist novelette lifestyle intact
is beginning to fray!
The hills from which
my boozing kin crawled
                                                     are the hills this body will feed.


Joseph Goosey lives in North Carolina. Recent poems have shown up in Banshee, The Glacier, Belt Magazine, and Speakeasy. He is the author of one full length collection of poems, Parade of Malfeasance (EMP Books, 2020).


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