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Magic is What Happens When the Sun Rises

by Serena Rodriguez

Magic is What Happens When the Sun Rises

and sifts into streaked windows of the Ford pickup
that now stalls in a backyard in South Carolina,
somewhere, the smell of diesel no longer edging
excitement and nausea; adventure and endings.
Drive me to the market once more, buy me a Moon Pie,
chocolate, stale banana for you. Take me fishing
where carp brings cursing to your tongue,
grape soda on mine, and let us watch the sun sink into
the Mississippi River as though this isn’t a goodbye.


Serena Rodriguez’s work has been published in Inverted Syntax, Poetry, Santa Fe Literary Review, MindWell Poetry, was the winner of the Santa Fe Accolades Poetry Contest 2017 and The Roadrunner Review Poetry Prize 2022 and was a 2020 Loraine Williams Poetry Prize finalist for The Georgia Review. She graduated from the Institute of American Indian Arts with her MFA in Creative Writing in May 2022. Serena works as a Creative Writing Visiting Professor at IAIA. Born in Mississippi, she lives in New Mexico with her partner and kiddo, where they hike the Bosque and eat all the tacos.


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