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A Template for [Emailing / Faxing / Calling] Your US Representatives...

The title of this piecce is too long to be displayed up top, please note the full title of this piece is: "A Template for [Emailing / Faxing / Calling] Your US Representatives to Urge Them to Support a Ceasefire in Palestine"

By Julia LaFond


Content warnings: genocide, war crimes, child death

Select the appropriate options from the bracketed text, filling in italicized text as needed. Note that additional personalization is encouraged, as staffers often recognize form messages.

To the Honorable name OR [President / Vice President / Senator / Congressperson/Representative / Coward] of [the United States / their US state / the Highest Order],

As a fellow [member of their political party / member of their religion / other shared identity /member of the human race], the violence unfolding in Palestine is [horrifying / incomprehensible / unconscionable / blood on our hands / hollowing out my heart from the inside / your fault / our fault / all our faults / Hell on Earth / the sort of human cruelty humans prefer to blame on demons]. [The October 7 attack is inexcusable / Of course I condemn Hamas, please stop asking / Civilians should never be targeted so why can’t you see Palestinians as civilians? / other obligatory and typically thought-terminating cliché centering Israel’s grief], but the deaths of over 11,000 (update if necessary) people, including over 4,500 (update if necessary) children, cannot be justified as self-defense. Furthermore, the government of Israel has [systematically attacked civilian targets, including refugee camps and hospitals / unleashed weapons like white phosphorus – shower of sparks, deadly blossom, a fire that burns and burns and nothing’s ever enough – on populated areas / cut off access to food, water, electricity, internet, and medical care, collectively punishing Palestinians in violation of the Geneva Convention / left them alone in the night with explosions their only light / used this as a pretext to displace the people of Palestine and claim more land / consumed and consumed like a fire that burns and burns and nothing’s ever enough / proven this was never about the hostages through their indiscriminate attacks and by refusing offers of release / used dehumanizing language and tactics that leading experts have identified as genocidal / lied / other atrocity unfolding on social media]. Therefore, I join [the World Health Organization (WHO) / Unicef / the UN Secretary-General / over 1,000 officials in the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) / Representative Cori Bush / Representative Rashida Tlaib / Representative André Carson / Representative Summer Lee / Representative Delia C. Ramirez / Representative Jamaal Bowman / Representative Bonnie Watson Coleman / Representative Jesús “Chuy” García / Representative Jonathan Jackson / Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez / Representative Ilhan Omar / Representative Ayanna Pressley / Representative Nydia Velázquez / the French president / Pope Francis / Doctors Without Borders/ Jewish Voices for Peace / IfNotNow / Amnesty International / the majority of your constituents / what’s left of your conscience / the stones of the earth / other person or organization] in demanding a ceasefire.

Honorable name OR [President / Vice President / Senator / Congressperson / Representative / Coward] of [the United States / their US state / the Highest Order], when you campaigned for your current position, you said you’d advocate for [families / healthcare / children / civil rights /immigration / climate justice / prison reform / the unborn / other]. Meanwhile in Palestine, [entire families are being uprooted alongside their olive trees / healthcare is under literal attack,
with ambulances being bombed and snipers besieging Al Shifa Hospital / more children have been killed than the total number of children in all other conflict zones since 2019 / the rhetoric driving this genocide is fueling both antisemitism and Islamophobia worldwide / people are being forced to flee their homes, yet Representative Ryan Zinke is attempting to ban them from our country on the grounds they’re all potential terrorists / the weapons of mass destruction being
funded and provided by the US are destroying the land, the trees, the air, and the water / the city of Gaza is effectively an open-air prison being subjected to increasingly inhumane conditions, and Israel is holding over 1200 primarily Palestinian detainees without charges / infants born prematurely are dying one by one due to lack of electricity and medical supplies, and the healthcare workers who stayed can only wait to be killed (you once called them all heroes, funny
how fast you turned on them) / other war crime pertinent to candidate’s campaign promises]. Therefore, [to uphold your ideals / to sleep at night / to drown out the screams / to look into the abyss and survive its gaze / to fulfill these promises / to keep my vote / unless you’re a hypocrite as well as a coward], you must also call for a ceasefire. Demand that our country stops enabling the Israeli government’s war crimes, and that we instead send sufficient humanitarian aid to the
suffering people of Palestine.

[Sincerely / Fervently / With thanks to the staffers reading this / Remember you’re up for re-election soon / We’re all made of stardust / With All Due Respect / With All Due Disrespect / Wither and Rot],
Your name


Julia LaFond got her master’s in geoscience from Penn State University. Her poetry has been featured by Eleventh Transmission and IHRAF Publishes. In her spare time, Julia enjoys reading and gaming. Website:


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